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Fermentation System:

The Winpact brand offers pilot and production scale bioreactor / fermentation systems for all of our customer's large scale fermentation needs.

Our standard SIP (sterilization-in-place) system provides top of the line quality and excellent compatibility to meet all the bioprocess engineering standards. All of our features are designed to provide a high level of productivity and automation while maintaining a low

operational cost.

Our standard system ranges from 10L to 2000L working volume, which provides a simple yet flexible range of ordering options.



  • Pneumatic valve for accurate control
  • Motor lubricate and cooling device
  • Detachable aspetic feeding device
  • Orbital welding provides top quality
  • Wide range of vessel selection, from 10L to 2000L working volume
  • Multi-lingual 12” and above colored graphical control interface
  • Fully automated process with remote monitoring
  • Electro-polished tubing and valves, BPE standard
  • 15 steps automatic program setting
  • Orbital welding ensures minimal residue buildup
  • Highest grade construction with SUS316L stainless steel
  • Hive jacket design provides astounding temperature control
  • Exhaust pressure relief valve for maximum safety precaution
  • Multiple safety design integration for peace of mind operation
  • Remote monitoring & controlling software free from installation and purchase
  • Password protection for multiple users with customized access levels
  • Varies optional devices for process optimization and needs


Technical Specification:

  • Capacity: 50, 100, 300, 500 L
  • Total Volume: 60, 120, 360, 650 L
  • Working Volume: 50, 100, 300, 500 L
  • Vessel and Jacket Maximum Working Pressure: 3 bar (43.5 PSIG)
  • Type: Double layered fully enclosed capsule-type tank, with an outer temperature protective layer
  • Materia: Direct contact to medium - SUS316L; all others - SUS304
  • Surface Finish:

Interior polish ≦ 20 Ra/in Mechanical polishing

Exterior polish ≦ 32 Ra/in Mechanical polishing

  • Ports: Ports designed according to user requirements
  • Piping and Valve Materials:

Parts that come in direct contact with the product / medium uses SUS-316L EP (≤20 Ra/in) internal polished tubing (BPE standard) :

A) Internal EP polished diaphragm type pneumatic valve and manual valve (BPE standard)

B) Tubing all welded with Orbital Welding

C) Vessel bottom drain uses a diaphragm valve, to minimize dead volume

D) Piping designed for ease of transfer to scale up (can be used as a seed fermentation system) or downstream process

Parts that do not directly contact product / medium

E.) Constructed with SUS304 stainless steel



  • Uses (at least) 12” color touch screen
  • User-friendly, graphical control interface
  • Includes secure user accounts, with different levels of access
  • Use stainless-steel controller cabinet
  • Modularized and standardized design (Module Skid): ergonomically designed according to height, ease of vessel clean up, and ease of extraction in relation to vessel bottom valve
  • Includes maintenance page with system diagnostics
  • All programmed setting values are automatically stored into the built-in memory; the settings will not be lost in case of a power outage/interruption. When power is restored, the interrupted process will automatically resumed.



  • Automated sterilization process | Automated fermentation program | Valve control



  • Control Range: 0 - 100%, adjustable range
  • Software electrode calibration, with automatic temperature compensation function
  • Includes 1 set of side-inserted stainless steel autoclavable DO electrode



  • PID control with adjustable deadband
  • Control range 2.00 to 12.00 pH, ±0.01
  • Calibration function with automatic temperature compensation function
  • Includes one set of side-inserted, autoclavable pH probe with stainless steel housing



  • Built-in, three-rotor Easy-Load peristaltic pumps, speed range: 1-100 rpm (three sets), 10–400 rpm (fourth set)
  • Each feeding pump can run an adjustable 15 step program
  • Each pump can be adjusted for speed, forward and backward direction, and manual or automatic mode
  • Each of the four peristaltic pumps can be designated for different functions: acid pump, base pump, antifoam pump, or substrate feeding pump
  • Optional fifth peristaltic pump is also available



  • Vessel temperature is measured with a side-inserted PT-100 temperature probe and maintained using PID control.
  • Control range: 0-125°C, ±0.1°C



  • Manual or automatic control of agitation speed
  • 15 step program to change speed, or use DO cascade control
  • Agitation range: 50 – 600 rpm


Air Supply and Exhaust:

  • Gas supply and dehumidifer: uses in-house air compressor or air dehumidifier

includes re-useable, autoclavable 0.2μm air filter for gas inlet

  • Gas Inlet (air)

includes mass flow controller: 2vvm maximum according to the vessel capacity

  • Gas Inlet (oxygen)

includes pure oxygen rotameter (manual flow control): 1 vvm maximum according to the vessel capacity

  • includes oxygen gas solenoid valve, with automatic pulsed time control


Air outlet / Exhaust

  • Exhaust port with stainless steel condenser
  • Includes re-useable, autoclavable 0.2μm air filter
  • Includes automated adjustable gas outlet valve to adjust vessel backpressure
  • Can control manually or automatically via software

Winpact SIP Fermentation System