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Dissolution Vessel Cleaner:

The DVC-24 has been carefully designed to be the real alternative to the tedious and time-consuming job of cleaning dissolution vessels used in dissolution testers. It is offering an easy, fast, efficient and validated method for cleaning dissolution vessels while preventing variability inherent to manual cleaning.

Dissolution essel Cleaner (DVC-24)

Dissolution Vessel Cleaner (DVC-24)

The DVC-24 technology is:

  • an innovative solution to optimize productivity & regulatory compliance of any dissolution laboratory
  • It offers a validated cleaning procedure for any dissolution system
  • You can use your dissolution testing system again within few minutes without replacing your vessels or risking their qualification status (centricity, position, etc)

See the dissolution vessel cleaner at work (DVC-24)

DVC-24 _ Vapor

Water Steam as a

cleaning agent

The New Dissolution Vessel Cleaner DVC-24 is using a unique patented cleaning method, based on the power of water steam as cleaning agent. This ideal cleaning agent can be characterised by the following:


  • Soluble, Non Toxic, Easy to remove, Non reactive with equipment
  • It prevents scratches and applies an effecive thermal and mechanical force to remove sticky residues.
  • It is always available in any situation.


The cleaning procedure is mainly divided in three steps:


  1. The used dissolution media is first completely removed from dissolution vessel by vacuum.
  2. Dissolution vessels are perfectly cleaned-up by spraying water steam symmetrically to the inner of the dissolution vessel wall.
  3. Extra vacuum force is applied to remove cleaning agent and drying vessel.


This operation is easily done by placing the universal head cover assembly on top of dissolution vessel and holding operation button.

Universal head cover exclusive design ensures compatibility for all USP dissolutions vessels while preventing steam leakage and waste back flush.


Fast Cleaning Operation

  • Typically only 20 seconds are needed to effectively clean one dissolution vessel.
  • It is offering up to 24 consecutive cleaning cycles without need of emptying or reconditioning the unit.
  • Therefore up to 4 Dissolution Baths (6 vessels) or 3 Dissolution Baths (8 vessels) or 2 Dissolution Testers (12 vessels configuration) can be effectively cleaned in less than 10 minutes operation time.
  • On-site cleaning makes unnecessary vessel removal, avoiding vessels repositioning, breakage and recalibration.
  • Neutralizing solution can be added optionally for dissolution media waste pre-treatment.


Efficient Cleaning Method

  • Offers a homogeneous vessel cleaning.
  • Only few quantity of water is used, approx. 40 ml depending on method used.
  • Validated method.
  • Customized methods can be programmed after User Method Cleaning Validation performance.


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