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Automatic Media Preparation System

Dispensing Arm during media filling

Our recommendation for busy dissolution laboratories which demand both speed and accuracy, we introduce the perfect media preparation system which fills your vessels simultaneously.

The equipment delivers pre-heated, filtered, de-aerated, volumetrically dispensed media to six or seven dissolution vessels in less than five minutes. Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media Preparation System offers the maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations of almost all brands.


Interchangeable pre-heat tanks accommodate 10-40 L media and buffers with precision temperature control.

Delivery volume is adjustable 250 to 1000 ml in 50 ml increments (± 1% accuracy). Media de-aeration is below 95% saturation when delivered to dissolution flasks (de-aeration is achieved using thin film treatment in a vacuum). The convenient dispense arm fills 3+3, 4+2 or 4+3 flasks layouts.

Movable Media Preparation System

Dispensing Arm


  • Pre-heating, filtering, de-aerates, and volumetrically dispenses media in less than 5 minutes
  • Delivers media to 6 or 7 vessels simultaneously
  • Easy adjustments for precise volumetric dispensing with ±1% accuracy
  • Mobile, ergonomic cart for easy use around the lab
  • Convenient retractable power cord
  • Measuring vessels made with corrosion-resistant parts
  • Compatible with nearly all dissolution testers
  • Interchangeable pre-heat tanks (10-40 L) can be conveniently dedicated to different media and buffers
  • USP <711> and <1092> compliant
  • Full compliance to USP Toolkit (dissolved oxygen below 6 ppm)
  • The most important tool for ensuring successful PVT tests