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Automated Titrator ADV-200


N-Wissen automatic titrator ADV-200 is a high precision and high performance benchtop analyzer under the principle of potentiometric titration with comprehensive functions and modular design, which can be used in food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical industries.


The main titration modes of the instrument contain macro titration, micro titration, end point setting titration, volume setting titration and mode titration. Different electrodes can be fitted with the instrument to perform different analysis, such as: Acid/base, Redox, Precipitation (Cl…), Complexometric, Non-water titration and permanent pH measuring etc.


The instrument consists of the control unit, volume titration unit and pH/mV measuring unit. It can be connected to a micro thermal printer for printing the measured data and titration curve.



  • 7” LCD color touch screen
  • Modular design technology
  • Easily detachable ultrathin magnetic stirrer
  • Zero-dead volume solenoid valve for PTFE burette
  • User–friendly operation
  • Auto power-off protection
  • High-accurate burette (to 0.005mm)
  • GLP compliant – Data can be printed
  • Optional IQ/OQ Documentation



Measurement range:

  • pH: (0.00 ~ 14.00) pH
  • mV: (-1999.0 ~ 1999.0) mV
  • Temperature: (0.0 ~ 100.0) °C


  • pH: 0.01pH
  • mV: 0.1mV
  • Temperature: 0.1°C


  • Acid/ base
  • Redox
  • Precipitation (Cl …)
  • Complexometric
  • Non-water titration
  • pH measurements

Electronic unit accuracy

  • pH: ±0.01pH ±1 bit
  • mV: ±0.2mV±1 bit
  • Temperature: ±0.3°C±1 bit
  • Sensitivity of controlling titration: ±2mV


Repeatability of titration analysis: 0.2%

Electronic unit repeatability: ≤0.2mV

Electronic unit stability: ±0.3mV±1 bit/3h


  • Ambient temperature: (5.0~35.0)°C
  • Relative humidity: ≤80%

Power supply:

  • Line input voltage 100 – 240 V ±10%
  • Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz

Control and display: 7” LCD color touch screen

Burette volume tolerance:

  • Burette 15mL ±0.025mL
  • Burette 25mL ±0.035mL
  Automated Titrator (ADV-200)

Automated Titrator (ADV-200)

Burette Component

Burette Component

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