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Automatic Compact Polarimeter POL-1/2 (POL-HALF)


POL-1/2 is a state-of-art automatic polarimeter which offers robust performance and ultimate efficiency in small footprint. Thanks to improvements made in structural design, the POL-1/2 needs only half the space of a conventional model.

The space-saving design promotes installation flexibility. A lightning-fast response time of 60° per second optimizes operational efficiency.



  • The sample temperature is measured directly and accurately.
  • With new optical technology, the world’s highest class resolution of 1/10000° has been achieved.
  • The hollow-shaft motor delivers industry’s fastest measurement.
  • Though it is half the size of a traditional polarimeter, the POL- ½ provides better resolution than most.
  • The response time is 60° per second. That is 15 times faster than before.
  • The LCD touch screen color display makes all operations fast and easy. With the intuitive user interface, it is extremely easy to view measurement results and adjust settings.
  • Data transfer is simple with the use of a USB flash drive.
  • IQ/OQ documentation are available
  • Compliance with pharmacopeias and other regulatory requirements worldwide is within easy grasp.
  • Optional Peltier temperature control unit delivers perfectly temperature-controlled measurements and does not require the use of water.
  • A high performance filter with a FWHM of 2.5nm and a polarizer with a high extinction ratio are used.
  • Stable measurements are guaranteed for an incident light of up to 10%.
  • A wide variety of cell options, printer deliver optimized measurement and data processing solutions.
  • Data can be printed via optional printer.


More information in the product brochrue.


Peltier temperature control unit TCS-1


The optional Peltier temperature control unit delivers perfectly temperature-controlled measurements. This Peltier temperature control unit does not require the use of water.

Automatic Compact Polarimeter Pol-Half

Automatic Compact Polarimeter

Peltier temperature control unit TCS-1

Peltier Temperature Control Unit (TCS-1)