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C 130 whiteness tester

C-130 whiteness tester

C 130_Operating

Powder Whiteness Tester (C-130)


The new C-130 measures the whiteness of various powders such as pharmaceuticals, calcium carbonate, salt, sugar, wheat and rice flour, starch, cement, etc.


Accurate measurement is achieved without pre-processing the samples that is often required in competitive devices. This dramatically reduces the overall test cycle, allowing you to focus on improving product quality and not on sampling and preparation work.


The use of LED technology allows for the light source, also, to have reduced energy consumption as well as very low internal overheating. In order to have an accuracy of measurements solutions is necessary to keep the crystal that acts as a filter, cleaned regularly. A new design of this glass makes cleaning quick and easy.

Dealing with the sample C-130

The C130 has no moving parts and is impervious by vibration and independent of orientation of the instrument. Integrated temperature compensation allows the powder to be tested at any stage of the process in any manufacturing environment.



  • Quick start-up and simple operation
  • A compact design
  • Small sample volume for measurements required
  • Data can be printed
  • Using of blue LEDs for the light source gives a longer light source lifespan, and lower power consumption and internal heat
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment notification (Sensitivity can be checked at any time by measuring the included whiteness standard, which has been adjusted for each machine. C-130 automatically notifies the user if an adjustment becomes necessary)
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning procedures (Cleaning can be carried out easily using the included glass wiper and brush)
  • Outstanding measurement stability (the powder testing procedures can be performed in any manufacturing environment)



Measurement principle


Measurement value


Light Source


Measurement Range




Display method

Fluorescent display tube


User calibration curve,

sensitivity adjustment notification,


printer output

Sample Size

Approximately 5.5g (starch)

Measurement Time

2 seconds

Ambient Temperature/ Ambient Humidity

5-40℃, 30-85%RH (non-condensing)

Light Source

Blue LED


RS232C, Printer output

Power Source

AC 100-120V, AC 200-240V (50/60Hz)


Pharmaceuticals, calcium carbonate, salt, sugar, wheat and rice flour, starch, cement, etc.

External dimensions & weight

375 (W) × 220 (D) ×250 (H) mm, 7.0 kg


Printer VZ-330