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Particle Analysis Equipment

  • Wide range of sieve shakers suitable for all types of sieving and samples within various industries.
  • The Equipment are designed to produce the optimum sieving action for fast reproducible results



  • High Quality Test Sieves
  • High Performance Sieve Shakers (Laboratory and Heavy Usage Shakers)
  • Sample Processing Equipment
  • Software for data analysis


  • Pharmaceutical Industry: analysis of drugs, medical & pharmaceutical powder products
  • Chemical Applications
  • Oil Industry: exploration (analysis of minute fossils), fuels, explosives, etc.
  • Construction Industry: Quality control analysis and grading of soils, aggregate, minerals, cement, etc.
  • General Laboratories: Miscellaneous application of particle analysis and determination of particle size, powder process industries.
  • Mining Quarries (gravel & sand), coal mines (air pollution control), grading and particle size determination.
  • Diamond mines, grading of diamonds and industrial diamonds.
  • Agriculture/Food: confectionery and food manufacture, miscellaneous applications including kernels.
  • Education Schools, Universities, geological.
  • Research: various applications.
  • Engineering: Steel manufacturing organisations, foundries, iron works, etc. (determination of particle size of sand moulds, grading of coke)
  • Abrasive Grain Industries: producers of precision materials for abrasive applications, i.e. grinding wheels and sandpaper.
Sieve Shakers

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Heavy Duty Sieve Shakers

Heavy Duty Sieve Shaker