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The new N-Wissen REV 200, REC 200, RED 200 provide excellent work and meet the highest demands of R&D and QC labs in different industries. The rotary evaporators are complete and ready to work. The systems contain a 1000 ml evaporating and receiving flask as well as a heating bath.


Available glass assemblies:


  1. Vertical condenser REV 200:

The most common condenser and it is used for all standard applications.


  1. Dry ice condenser (cold trap) REC 200:

Used for distillation of solvents with low boiling points. Cooling water is not needed.


  1. Diagonal condenser RED 200:

Required in laboratories for standard applications where height is limited.





  • Large LCD display which indicates rotation speed, heating temperature and time
  • Designed a detachable operating panel allows remote control
  • Motorized lift mechanism with quick-action which in case of power failure provides automatic release evaporating flask to top position
  • Adjustable final position recognition to protect operator and sample against breakage
  • A wide range of glassware, vacuum pumps, recirculating chillers and accessories available
  • Patented condenser (cooling surface 1,500 cm²) with excellent cooling effect
  • For data management Rotary Evaporator features USB interface
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Large 5L water-oil heating bath with precise temperature control and adjustable safety circuit covers applicative needs with a wide temperature range (RT – 180 °C)
  • Available with timer function to precise control processing
  • Evaporating flasks in a range from 50 to 3000 ml can be used
  • Chemical-resistant double PTFE system and patented pressure spring provide excellent sealing



N-Wissen Rotary Evaporator

N-Wissen Rotary Evaporator

- REV 200 -

N-Wissen Rotary Evaporator - Top View

N-Wissen Rotary Evaporator

- Top View -


LCD (temperature, speed, time)

Type of condenser

Vertical, dry ice, diagonal

Cooling surface

1,500 cm²

Rotation speed

20-280 rpm

Reversible direction of rotation


Flask size

50 to 3000 ml

Heating temperature range


Heat control accuracy


Heat output

1300 W



Stroke distance

150 mm



Time setting range

1-999 min

Operating voltage

100-120/200-240 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

1400 W

Motor principle

DC motor

Dimensions (D×W×H)

465×457×583 mm


15 kg

Heating bath

5 L

Permissible ambient temperature


Permissible relative humidity


Protection class


USB Interface