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Spray Dryer System (ADL 311 Series)


Easily grinds sample into fine powder with the spray drying system


ADL311-A: Model dedicated for water soluble sample. Alternatively the ADL311S-A model is used for supporting water soluble and organic solvents. In this case, the GAS410 type organic solvent recovery unit will be necessary.



  • Food and medicinal products Powder milk, egg york, soy sauce, coffee, starch, protein, hormone, serum, antibiotics, enzymes, fragrant materials, essences, etc.
  • Organic chemistry Wax, die, cleaning agent, surface acting agent, agricultural chemical, antiseptic agent, synthesized resin, pigments, etc.
  • Inorganic chemistry Ferrite, ceramics, photocopy toner, magnetic tape materials, photosensitive materials, various industrial chemicals, waste fluid of samples, etc.



Because this product applies heat on fine grain sample instantly and does not apply high temperature on dry fine powder sample itself, samples unstable to heat can be reliably changed into even fine powder.

Prepared fine powder will not be oxidized and contains minimum water and is contamination-free.


Drying is made directly from solution or suspension liquid sample into fine powder, which does not need pre- or post processes such as filtration, separation, or pulverization necessary in the conventional drying method and can be used without concern of contamination during a series of operations.


Model ADL311S-A does not require the liquid sample or solution to undergo any pre- or post-processes such as filtration, separation, or pulverization. The use of organic solvents is fully supported with the attachment of our GAS-410 organic solvent recovery unit. Small, expensive and/or heat sensitive samples can be dried quickly and efficiently with this easy-to-operate system.


Employment of a one-touch detachable mechanism in the drying chamber and the cyclone further improves ease of operation.



Advantages (ADL311S-A)


  • Processes samples as small as 0.5 g of solid matter
  • Safe for heat-sensitive samples, such as food or medical products
  • No risk of contamination
  • Digital display of inlet/outlet temperature and drying air volume increases readability
  • Detachable drying chamber, cyclone and product vessel
  • Fast and easy clean up
  • Universal power supply and multilingual touch screen controller



Organic Solvent Recovery Unit (GAS-410):


Highly safe N2 gas sealed circulation system is realized by connecting to a spray dryer unit.


  • This product is an organic solvent recovery system to be used to prevent discharging to outside, by using in combination with a spray dryer ADL311S-A or GB210-A when either of them uses an organic solvent.
  • By combination of a N2 gas sealed circulation system and a solvent recovery system with a freezer and capacitor, flammable or toxic solvent can be processed.
  • Drying of easily oxidized materials is possible. This unit supports low temperature drying and available for drying of materials that easily deform with heat.
  • Spray drying and recovery of products and solvents are performed with a meticulously devised safety measures.
  • Solvent recovery system: Capacitor + freezer
  • Circulating gas: N2 gas (sealed circulation when connected to ADL311S-A or GB210-A)
  • Circulating wind amount: 0.12 to 0.65 cubic-meter / minute
  • Linear compressor integrated
  • Solvent recovery container: 2 L flask
  • Safety unit: O2 density meter, flammable gas alarm, electric leakage breaker, N2 gas forced introduction (when removing nozzles)
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • External Size: W700 x D950 x H1,500 mm
  • Required N2 amount: 15 L/h at 0.1 MPa



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Spray Dryer - ADL311 Series

Spray Dryer - ADL311 Series

Spray Dryer ADL311S-GAS-410

Spray Dryer ADL311S-GAS-410

Spray Dryer - GAS-410 Series

Spray Dryer - GAS-410 Series