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Spray Dryer Purvis Mini Bed (GB210-B):


Spray dryer to granulate powder and to dry wet powder


This unit has been designed to granulate powder and to dry wet powder using a fluid bed. This is a fluid bed drying granulator that is used in the combination of Basic unit GB210 and Mini-bed attachment GF200.


The unit accepts sample weight as less as 50 to 300g and is suitable for experiments of expensive samples or those of a laboratory level.



  • Granulation, drying, mixing of powder
  • Medicines, food, catalyst, die, detergent, ceramics, etc.



Experimental conditions such as the hot air temperature, air amount, binder liquid sending amount can be set with the setting dial on the front of the unit easily.


The chamber is made of ultra hard glass and the user can observe status of the fluid bed or spraying status. Also, the flowage meter, the spraying pressure meter, the chamber inlet/outlet temperature indicator are useful for evaluation of data.


The unit can also be used as a spraying dryer by installing the mini spray attachment GF300 (optional).


The unit also has an automatic lift as a standard to enable convenient attachment or removal of the drying air flow meter (voltage type) or attachments.



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